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My name is Isaac Bruné. I was born in 1988, and have been artistic since my early years. I have worked within illustration, story-telling, painting and photography before finding my joy in collage work. I have been working with collage since 2014, and steadily add to my portfolios. Throughout the years, my messages through collage have changed, but always reflect topics that I care about. My works touch upon the open dialogues of sex and gender, of race and identity, perceptions of nouns, technology and it's role in society, perspectives of space, the altering states of mental health, and simple child-like creativity for creativity's sake. Through collage, I've been able to express any idea I have, while being guided to a practice of patience, dedication and broadening my imagination. This is reflective in my work, as it has been noted that my work does not retain one style that is set in stone. Rather, my collages are a snapshot of a moment in time in my life, and what was going on in my head during that time. Each image is an intimate look into how I work, think, and live. 

The tools of the trade are the most important aspect of making any artwork. The best paints, the best film, the right pencil; these are the things that are incorporated into all works of art. I aim to incorporate this into my craft, being simple and purposeful in how I go about obtaining the tools necessary for collage work. I've found it to be a foraging art form. With the limitation of working with preexisting imagery, I use my tools to hone in on specific aspects within an image, picking and choosing what stays and what ends up in the recycling box. 


The frames of my collages are custom made, due to the myriad of dimensions my work possesses. Collages will be framed with a wood border, protected with acrylic sheets and presented with paper backing. Frames are sold with all works to ensure the safety of the collage works during transport. For further customization of frames or inquiries into the process, please click the link to the contact page.

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